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Hot and Spicy Oasis of South Indian Flavours

Do you know about world-famous Guntur red chillies? These red chillies from the small town of Guntur are popular all over the world for their highly pungent taste. Using the same exotic red chillies, we present to you RDP’s Nalla Karam Podi. Literally meaning Spicy Black Powder, Nalla Karam holds a very special place in not just Andhra’s cuisines but in all South Indian dishes. The scrumptious and flavourful ingredients of RDP’s Nalla Karam Podi enhance the taste of South Indian cuisines multifold. The combination of tamarind, red chillies and urad dal add a slightly dark texture to this Podi, making it true to its name ‘Nalla Karam’. 
This Podi has a very vibrant Indian flavour to it. Made from the red chillies of Guntur, RDP’s Nalla Karam Podi brings hot and spicy flavours along with the classic pungent taste of South India. Be it any part of the country, Nalla Karam is bound to become everyone’s favourite. If you are looking for a hot and spicy accompaniment to your idlis and dosas, Guntur Nalla Karam Podi is your best bet.
Methos: How to Use?
Nalla Karam is so popular in South India that people have started making their own recipes with this Podi. After all, it is Podis that make South Indian cuisines authentic and classic. There are many ways to devour this hot and spicy Podi. Let us tell you our favourite ways to enjoy Nalla Karam.    
  • The most favourite method of not just our family at RDP but also all our clients is Nalla Karam Idli. We believe that this recipe adds more flavours to idlis than the traditional ways of eating Nalla Karam. This recipe is so easy, simple and quick that we are afraid it might end up becoming your favourite breakfast meal.
  1. Take a pan and heat 2-3 teaspoons of ghee.
  2. Roast idli in the ghee for a few seconds.
  3. Add RDP’s Nalla Karam Podi to both sides of the idli.
  4. Serve it for breakfast and add some spiciness to your mornings.
  • There is always some magic in the traditional forms of eating foods. When it comes to Podis, savouring the flavours the traditional way is just amazing. If you want to touch down the lanes of traditions and enter the verandahs of your grannies, then try having Nalla Karam Podi like this:
  1. Add some ghee to the Nalla Karam Podi and have it like a spicy chutney with your idlis and dosas.
  2. If you are a true Indian who loves hot and spicy foods, then you may add an extra layer of Nalla Karam Podi to your dosas. Simply, sprinkle it on top of your dosa and enjoy the piquant flavours of Nalla Karam.
  • Nalla Karam is not just a Podi for idlis and dosas but also for the evergreen classic meal of rice. When you add ghee to the rice and then mix it with Nalla Karam, trust us, you will want to savour each and every bite. There is no going back once you have tasted Nalla Karam Podi with rice.
Where are you lost? Devouring the taste of Nalla Karam in your mind? Wake up from your delicious dreams and order Nalla Karam in real life!
Want to know what our customers say about this Podi?
"I have been ordering Podis from RDP for a very long time. But, somehow I never tasted Nalla Karam Podi. One day, while scrolling through their website, I stumbled across this Podi. The foodie in me got all excited seeing a new Podi and ordered it immediately. And, I cannot thank my luck enough! My family and I have been in love with this Podi. Especially my Bhabhi, who has now started eating Nalla Karam with chapatis as well. I am not very good with spices, yet I loved Nalla Karam. Yes, it is slightly spicy but the level of spiciness is so flawless that you are bound to fall in love with this Podi. The crunchy and smoky taste of Nalla Karam reminds me of the taste of Churan that we used to have during childhood. Although the recipe that I loved the most is Nalla Karam Idli, but, to be honest, I have also been eating this Podi without any dish, simply as a powder to add some taste to my boring life."
  • Parul Goel

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