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Cut Mango

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  • Like every household, we stock this seasonal Cut Mango pickle, but, just like in olden days the Mango pieces are cut & mixed in salt and chilli powder and stored. So, whenever customer orders, we make fresh pickle from these stored raw pieces by adding temperings/ tadka with mustard seeds & Homemade sesame oil.
      • We use perfect raw mangoes for pickling because raw mangoes are rich in Vit-c that has 35 times an apple has & 9 times a lemon has and so prevents scurvy & also improves immunity. It has niacin that improves heart health.
      • Homemade, No artificial preservatives, no artificial colours or flavours are used.
  • Packed in leakproof, food-grade packaging material ensuring it reaches the customer safely.
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    Raw mango, mustard powder, fenugreek powder, Salt, Chilli powder, garlic (for ‘with garlic’ variant only) temperings/ tadka with mustard seeds & Homemade sesame oil. Shelf life - one year at room temperature. Refrigeration helps the pieces to stay crispy


    The variant of mango pickle which is made without the inner part of the mango, by cutting only the flesh part into pieces is called Cut Mango. The taste is slightly different from Mango Avakaya.

    • Take Hot rice, add ghee & then RDP’s Cut Mango. Mix well & enjoy. 
    • Another perfect way of enjoying Andhra Cut Mango pickle is with Dal rice especially plain dal called as mudda pappu/ sappidi pappu in Telugu.  RDP’s Cut Mango + Hot rice + Plain Dal + RDP’s Majjiga merapakayalu (optional) is next level taste..😋😋
    • Other favourite ways of eating RDP’s Cut Mango pickle is - Pappulapodi + Cut Mango, Chintaku podi + Cut Mango, Chitlam podi + Cut Mango.
    • Just like Avakaya, Cut Mango pickle also tastes best with Curd rice.
    • And of course with Upma breakfast especially when eaten along with Pappulapodi 😋

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    Sudha Chakrapani

    Too Mm uch Salt

    Awesome products

    Prompt delivery and very good products.

    JEGA Deepan

    very tasty BUT COST WISE VERY HIGH


    It's amazing 😍😍😍😍😍

    Krishnakumar Ph

    Very tasty and superb

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