Chintaku podi (chinta chiguru podi or Tamarind leaves powder)

Chintaku podi (chinta chiguru podi or Tamarind leaves powder)

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I know, you ate lot of products which has tamarind but I bet not tamarind leaves! Yup chintaku podi is made up of young tamarind leaves which has numerous health benefits like easing joint pains, building immunity, increase skin health.

Eating rice with Tamarind leaves powder and Tamarind pickle is best combination both healthy wise and tasty wise. 

RDP has its own style when it comes to tamarind leaves powder - Mix RDP chintaku podi with finely chopped onions and few finely chopped greens chillies and then stuff inside roti to roll it and here you go... the best traditional tasty frankie is ready!

You know most of the pregnant ladies prefer this powder? This is because they have the cravings for tamarind during the pregnancy time and eating too much of tamarind is not a good choice and so they prefer eating tamarind leaves products that tastes similar which have more health benefits than tamarind!


Ingredients - Tamarind leaves, red chillies, garlic salt, peanuts.

Shelf life - 4 months

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