RDP's Homemade Bitter gourd pickle made with fresh Bitter gourd and Indian spices.
Bitter gourd pickle/ karela pickle

Bitter gourd pickle/ karela pickle

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Immediately give up the thought of bitter and negative emotion for bitter gourd.

Yes, this pickle doesn't sound as bad as the name it is.

We balanced the bitterness of the vegetable with many ingredients and finally made it into a perfect tasty pickle.

Tastes very good with plain rice.

Helps in lowering blood sugar levels - good for diabetics.

Bitter gourd boosts your immunity, purifies the blood, and helps in digestion.

Absolutely homemade and zero preservatives or additives.

Leak-proof packaging.

Ingredients - Bitter gourd,salt,tamarind,jaggery,sesame oil.

Shelf life - 4 months.

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